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image_126Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Dystopian

Sequel to Pure

Spoilers for Pure may be contained.

The story starts right where it left off, with Pressia, Bradwell and El Capitan working together at OSR and Partridge and Lyda with the Mothers. Before long, Partridge is headed back into the Dome, leaving the others behind to deal with the Dome’s newest threats and try frantically to decipher the information contained in the black box they acquired in the last book.

I really enjoyed this follow up to Pure; in fact, I think I liked it better. It’s not terribly original but retained Pure‘s darkness and edge, while upping the ante on suspense, mystery and romance. I think I’m discovering just what a sucker I am for a good love story, and there are several to choose from here.

(After I read this and wrote that brief review and the info below like a month ago, I lost the book and only just found it behind my bed. My nightstand is a disaster and something my husband teases me about constantly. Every night after I shut the light off something crashes off it because I pile so much stuff on it, which I think is how it ended up behind the bed. I’ve read a bunch of stuff in between so I’m not going to say anything else because I don’t remember my impressions enough. But I do know if you liked Pure I highly recommend it. That’s what you get on a free book review blog.)

Teaching resources:

Author’s website: http://juliannabaggott.com/

Book website (a film is in the works): http://pure-book.com/

Author’s YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/jcbaggott


Sample essay prompts based on past MCAS Exam essay prompts:

1. Often in works of literature, the villain has the greatest impact on the story. In a well-developed composition, identify the villain of Fuse  and explain why the villain has the greatest impact on the story.

2. Often in works of literature, a character feels pressure to succeed. Select a character from Fuse who feels pressure to succeed. In a well-developed composition, identify the character, describe how the character feels pressure to succeed, and explain how the character’s experience is important to the work as a whole.

3. Often in works of literature, a character encounters a situation that requires courage. Select a character from Fuse who encounters a situation that requires courage. In a well-developed composition, identify the character, describe how the character reacts to the situation that requires courage, and explain how the character’s actions are important to the work as a whole.



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