October 5, 2010

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Today’s Favorites:

Yogamazing Podcasts (Free on itunes.) Ever since I turned 30, I feel like my body is falling apart, so I’ve been trying to do moreĀ  yoga lately (see October 2). These podcasts are about 25 minutes long and are great for any level.

This baby bonobo. I want one!!

Sities, the baby elephant Eric and I are now fostering, because we are suckers for babies, animals and Oprah.

Bubble baths I take a bath about 3 times a week. It always includes a magazine and occasionally includes wine.

Miss Manners I’m addicted.

Victoria’s Secret Pink Smooth Stretchy Hipster underwear Insanely comfortable.


October 3, 2010

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Today’s favorites:

Allure Totally superficial fun. They take beauty seriously.

The Hunger Games trilogy Finishing rereading Catching Fire so I can get started on Mockingjay. Incredible books! The Hunger Games is one of the only books I literally could not put down.

House Been glued since Episode 1. Just watched the Season 6 finale and my heart was in my throat.

Burt’s Bees Cranberry and Pomegranate Sugar Scrub How good does it smell? Well, I can also report that it tastes like sugar.

Eddie’s birthday

Also Pretty Good:

The Town Quite enjoyable, if unoriginal.


“The Event” Intriguing…but I don’t want a repeat of the “Lost” fiasco.