March 24, 2011

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Today’s Favorites:

National Velvet Ok maybe more like a favorite 20 years ago, but Elizabeth Taylor’s death yesterday reminded me of how much I loved it. She always said it was her favorite role.

Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch There’s a reason it hasn’t been remade. Great way to wrap up teaching the book.

Coke Zero A terrible addiction. A wonderful addiction.


The Four Hour Body Not too hard…been doing a modified version for two weeks and am down 4 lbs in one week (didn’t weigh myself the first week). We’ll see how long it lasts.


October 13, 2010

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Today’s favorite:

Pre-packaged salads from Shaw’s Not sure of the brand, but Shaw’s has these great salads packaged in round plastic containers with a little container of dressing and some toppings to put on top. Since they’re portion-controlled, the calorie counts aren’t bad, and they’re yummy flavors like Cobb, Italiano, and Chef’s.  I throw in some extra mushrooms and grape tomatoes to bulk it up – sometimes I even add more leafy greens if it comes with iceberg, which means I’m basically paying for some toppings, but it’s totally worth it to have a nice little prepackaged healthy lunch!


October 11, 2010

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This weekend’s favorites:

Dr. Marlene Freeman at the MGH Center for Women’s Mental Health Reproductive Psychiatry Resource and Information Center, who gave us excellent advice and information.

Nemasket Orphaned Animal Haven We adopted Holly and Ivy from this shelter. We said hi to a few of the cats they have for adoption at the Petsmart in Plymouth this weekend.

Tastefully Simple’s Bountiful Beer Bread and Butterscotch Kisses Cocoa Mix

Pandora Radio You can make a station based on your favorite artist – we listened to the Guster station this weekend.

Nick Veasey X-Ray photography, as featured in this month’s National Geographic, which I read while waiting for Eric to finish at the Verizon store.

The N.A. Comets Congrats on their win over Sandwich this weekend.


October 2, 2010

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Today’s favorites:

D’s Omelet The downtown Carver diner we go to every Saturday for breakfast. Karen is the best waitress ever and gets our coffee when she sees us coming. Recently I’ve been enjoying the cinnamon apple crepes.

30 Rock Working my way through Season 2. Annoying Eric by laughing out loud while wearing headphones.

Moe’s One of Eric’s favorite restaurants. They make a great burrito.

Blackberry Messenger Essential for keeping in touch with Susie.

Katy and Jay getting engaged!


Bikram Yoga Boston While they were very friendly and  understanding of the fact that I almost died in their yoga studio…I almost died in their yoga studio.  They aren’t kidding when they say the goal of your first class is just to stay in the room for 90 minutes.  Although I did feel incredible afterward and kind of wish there were a Bikram studio anywhere near where I live or work. But there isn’t. So oh well.


My Favorite Things

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The things that get me through my day, from morning until bed.

Facebook Check it every morning.

Matty in the Morning Makes my morning commute enjoyable.

Ramiro and Pebbles Also quite enjoyable.

Dubble Bubble One piece per car trip.

Groupon – Check it every day.

Sirius/XM Satellite Radio Gets me through my afternoon commute, especially these stations and shows:

On Broadway


Dr. Laura (I know, I know, why do I like a right-wing nutjob? I don’t know. I like that she’s tough on stupid people. More people need to be tough on stupid people. And…some of her advice is really good. I tune out the stuff I don’t agree with.)

Mary Occhino This lady is (unintentionallly) hysterical.

Sonya Fitzpatrick It’s never been any secret that I can’t get enough of this lady. She’s hard to catch, but I’m glued when she’s on. I think it’s the soothing quality of her voice. I also love to hear people who love their pets so much.

Cosmo Radio – “Cocks with P” rocks!

Skinny Cow Love the ice cream cones!

Smart Ones desserts Surprisingly satisfying. My favorite is the peanut butter cup.

ipad USA today crossword every night before bed.