My Favorite Things

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The things that get me through my day, from morning until bed.

Facebook Check it every morning.

Matty in the Morning Makes my morning commute enjoyable.

Ramiro and Pebbles Also quite enjoyable.

Dubble Bubble One piece per car trip.

Groupon – Check it every day.

Sirius/XM Satellite Radio Gets me through my afternoon commute, especially these stations and shows:

On Broadway


Dr. Laura (I know, I know, why do I like a right-wing nutjob? I don’t know. I like that she’s tough on stupid people. More people need to be tough on stupid people. And…some of her advice is really good. I tune out the stuff I don’t agree with.)

Mary Occhino This lady is (unintentionallly) hysterical.

Sonya Fitzpatrick It’s never been any secret that I can’t get enough of this lady. She’s hard to catch, but I’m glued when she’s on. I think it’s the soothing quality of her voice. I also love to hear people who love their pets so much.

Cosmo Radio – “Cocks with P” rocks!

Skinny Cow Love the ice cream cones!

Smart Ones desserts Surprisingly satisfying. My favorite is the peanut butter cup.

ipad USA today crossword every night before bed.